Shadette Cancer Taught Me

Cancer Taught Me: Shadette Brittingham’s Story

Published Date: 2017-02-28

Cancer taught me that I can be vulnerable and strong. I can be scared and secure. I can be worried and confident…. And, I can be these things all at the same time. Cancer taught me that there are no rules; there is no ONE way to feel. I learned that I still have a life to live. Cancer taught me that we all really are the same. We all are really in this together – patients, providers, caregivers, family, and friends. To touch one is to touch us all. Cancer taught me that regardless of all of the words I can use to describe who or what I AM; I know what I AM NOT…. I am NOT a victim!

I had cancer but cancer did not have me.


 - Shadette Brittingham, breast cancer survivor