Don't forget your screening mammogram!
Screenings—they can seem like just one more thing on your lengthy to-do list. However, having your recommended health screenings can save your life.


You talk about your breasts from the moment they start changing as a preteen onward, but how often do you have the conversation about how to keep them healthy? Whether breast health is new to your radar, or you’ve been concerned with it for a while, there are preventative lifestyle changes you can apply today to ensure you’re taking the needed steps to help protect you from developing breast cancer.

Lifestyle Changes

Eating healthy, limiting your alcohol intake, not smoking, and staying active are all great ways to reduce your chances of disease. A lot of specialists believe a healthy diet can help prevent breast cancer, although no conclusive evidence has been reported at this time to support that claim.

At Home Exams

Take time for monthly breast self-exams at home. Check out our easy 5-step guide here (insert link to article). If you spot or feel any lumps or see any changes or discoloration in your breasts, contact your doctor right away.

Visit Your OB/GYN

Stay up to date on your routine OB/GYN visits and mammograms to help spot abnormalities early on. Your specialist will also be able to determine if your family history affects your likelihood of developing breast cancer.


Remember, breast health is much more than worrying about a problem once it’s been caught; it’s about taking the necessary steps today to make sure you don’t have to worry about potential harm down the road. Take control of your health by learning more about your breasts, your age, and lifestyle, and what this means for you and how you care for your breasts.

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