Being a father is fun and scary.
Just as being a mom changes your life, becoming a dad will change his life. Read how the father's life will change when your newborn arrives.

Developmental Milestones

You look forward to your baby’s first smile, wave, and steps as she grows. Every child is unique, and no two motherhood experiences will be alike. However, there are some important developmental milestones to watch for in your child.

Developmental milestones, like crawling, walking and communicating verbally, are behaviors and physical skills infants and children reach as they grow and develop. Your child also meets developmental milestones in how he or she plays, learns, speaks, behaves, and moves. From birth through early childhood, you should look for signs of growth and development and record your child’s achievements on a checklist, calendar, or baby book.

Learn how positive parenting—engaging with your baby and spending time together—can impact her healthy development. Your pediatrician or family physician will monitor your child’s growth and look for any signs of developmental issues or slow progress.

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