wellness tip

Make time for cardio! Just 30 minutes a day will reduce your risk of heart disease and improve sleep. Go ahead and reap the benefits.


Reduce your risk of chronic disease. Improve overall fitness. Manage your crucial health numbers, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. Improve your mood. Reduce stress. The benefits of exercise are far reaching, and starting an exercise regimen can be as easy as committing to briskly walking five days.

Take time to establish an exercise routine. Set small goals. Find activities you enjoy that are fun and challenging, like a dance class, yoga or swimming. Uncover tips for how to reap the rewards of your workout and other important information about finding balance—literally and figuratively—in your life.

You can get fit at any age, and Beebe Healthcare is here to encourage you to get moving, dance, jump and run! We offer a variety of wellness classes and workshops that guide you through positive lifestyle choices, like our wellness workshops, get you giggling, like Laughter Yoga, or help you tune in with mindfulness meditation.