Time Managment for Career Growth
Keeping up with your daughter’s piano lessons, your son’s basketball games, and daily home chores can be a challenge. Check out our tips for finding peace.
wellness tip

Cuddle up to your pillows and sink into your comfy bed. Sleep helps reduce stress—decreasing your risk of heart attack and stroke.

wellness tip

Time management is key to a successful career. Don’t overload yourself with work. Manage your time wisely for career growth.


Dealing with the ups and downs of everyday life can be daunting. When you feel you’re not equipped to handle everything that is thrown at you, your mind and body react. As a result, you may feel stressed.

Stress is the feeling you get when faced with adversity. Life’s to-do lists, deadlines, and chores can add acute stress to your life. These types of events are manageable. However, major life events or episodes can trigger stress, including a death in the family, divorce, career disruption, or injury. This kind of stress can take a dramatic toll on your health.

All stress can be mitigated with the right mindset, tools, and techniques. Learn how to identify signs of stress and read about relaxation techniques. Use time-management skills to take control of your busy mind and focus on one task at a time.

Beebe Healthcare always makes your health a priority. Through our Integrative Health program, you can find more guidance on identifying major stressors in your life and taking steps to control and reduce your stress level. Doing so can add years to your life—and life to your years!